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The above map shows the Wine Windows in the Historical Center of Florence.

The map below shows those present in surrounding areas.

How many are there?

     There is no official list of the Florentine Wine Windows, in that they have never been catalogued in any of the public archives of the Italian state, the Region of Tuscany, the City of Florence, or by any of the public institutions which list, survey and protect the historical monuments of the city.

   The Wine Windows Association would like to protect and provide testimony regarding the existence and state of preservation of the Florentine Wine Windows. We have been working for months on a census of the Windows which is probably not yet complete—the results can be seen in the boxes below and in the page WHO&WHAT. The numbers will change over time, as new Windows are discovered, and as interested individuals send us new information and documents, photographs and evidence of Windows which are still visible or which have been covered up.

   Our public census of the Wine Windows does not pretend to be exhaustive, but as information is accumulated, we will alter the maps and put them in the form of pdf files which can be downloaded and printed.

   For now, you can see how many Windows there were and are, from our indications on the maps which have been constructed using Google Maps.  The largest concentration, obviously, is in the Historical Center of Florence, then expanding outwards into the surrounding territory.

The map below shows 28 localities in Tuscany where Wine Windows have been identified.


inside the old city walls



outside the old city walls




Last update: October 29, 2020





Wine Windows from A to Z

...and IN TUSCANY (outside Florence)


Wine Windows from A to Z


    The pdf to the left contains a complete list of all the Wine Windows which have been identified thus far within the city limits of Florence. You can leaf through the list by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner.


   Starting from this list, the Wine Windows Association intends to systematically identify all the Wine Windows in Florence, by placing a small sign near each of them with the address, name of the palace (when available), information on the materials used to construct the Window, and the date of construction (when available).

   Each Wine Window has been numbered in the list, which will serve as an indicator on the map which we are making which will guide tourists and all of those interested who wish to view the Windows in a walking tour.

   Wine Windows are listed in alphabetical order according to the name of the street where they are located, beginning in the Historical Center (inside the city walls) and proceeding to peripheral or suburban areas (outside the city walls). The list will be updated periodically, as new Windows are discovered. We will also remove “false” Windows which sometimes are mistaken for Wine Windows but actually have served other purposes.

   The progressive enumeration of the Windows is the same as that used in the Photo Gallery and for the single descriptions found in the News and Highlights section.

Eating and drinking here

     The Wine Windows in Florence and some surroundings towns have been used for centuries to purvey millions of glasses and bottles of wine directly to customers. But is it still possible today to drink a glass of wine which has been sold through a Wine Window?

Clearly not, because this type of commercial transaction is conducted in a totally different manner today.

    However, there are several pubs and restaurants and taverns in the historical center of Florence today which “house” Wine Windows and where you can eat and drink excellent Tuscan food and local wine and observe the Windows from both inside and out.

      There are 14such places which are listed and numbered according to our own complete list of Wine Windows as shown in our Photo Gallery in another section of our website. The addresses you can locate yourselves!

   "Babae", a new bistro in via Santo Spirito, serves glasses of wine through the wine window every day from 7pm to 8pm!


19. Cantina del Gelato

24. Osteria delle Belle Donne

25. La Buchetta Food&Wine

38. Le Botteghe di Donatello

48. Trattoria Osteria da Que’ Ganzi

58. Oibò

61. Vivoli Gelateria

63. Osteria delle Donne

80-81. Ristorante Il Latini

84. Finisterrae

87. Osteria delle Brache

101. La Chintina

128. Babae

138. Odeon Bistro

147. Ristorante Buca Lapi   

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