A Glimpse Into The Past


     The intention of the Wine Windows website is to communicate, share, collect and show to the public all the information available regarding the unique Florentine Wine Windows. The Wine Windows have several different Italian names: “buchette” (small holes), “finestrini” (small windows), or “tabernacoli” (tabernacles). We will indicate where they still exist and search out their histories and diffusion in Florentine culture, with the aim of enhancing their value, helping to recuperate them when they have been removed, and to protect them from further damage.

   The website is easy to use. The Home Page has various titles and links to recent articles, notifications and book reviews regarding Wine Windows, which will form a permanent archive of the existing information regarding these architectural features.

   The Who and What section talks about our Association, its goals and initiatives, with the intent of encouraging participating from the public.

   The Maps section shows the locations of the Wine Windows in the city of Florence and its surroundings.

   The News and Highlights section will contain updated information which will be published over time, with a List of the various Windows, a photograph and brief description.

   The Documents and Photos section contains a Photo Gallery of the most important and beautiful Wine Windows, which will be given a number as part of our census. These will be updated regularly.

   The Contacts page serves for viewers who wish to contact us with requests, or who wish to participate in the association or provide information.

    The Wine Windows Association was founded to draw attention to these fascinating apertures in the old palaces in Florence and surrounding Tuscan cities. The scope of the Association is to protect and to help citizens and tourists to appreciate these unique architectural features which are particular to the Florentine culture.

   What are Wine Windows? They are small openings in the facades of many large houses and palaces in Florence, through which, over the course of three centuries, millions of bottles and glasses of local wine were bought and sold. The wine was sold directly from the producer to the consumer, rather than using a go-between tavern or wine-seller. This unique commercial enterprise, which is particular to Florence, was the result of the imagination and invention of wine producing families in Tuscany who had residences in the city of Florence.

   The Wine Windows Association was created to emphasize this unique reality, and to protect these antique apertures from demolition, damage and disrespect.

   The Association intends to do a census of the existing Wine Windows, to assist owners in protecting them, restoring them, or even uncovering them—as some have been removed, destroyed, covered up.

   We welcome you to peruse this website, which has the intent of inciting your curiosity about these very special architectural features in Florence.

Matteo Faglia

President, Wine Windows Association

Two postcards: one from about 1965 with three views of Via Palazzo dei Diavoli where one or more Wine Windows are visible. The second shows the same scene in 2015—no more Wine Windows!

W W Nomenclature



   These unusual architectural features: “buchette”, in the Florentine palaces have been given many names over time, an interesting indication of the richness of the Italian language.

   Here are some of the Italian names and if you know of any others, please let us know:



MOSTRE                 SPORTELLINI



BUCHE                  FINESTRINE

PORTICELLE             .............